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Check Valve
Dual Plate Check Valve
“KAMALA”/”KCE” Make  Dual Plate Check Valve is high performance multi purpose check valve. It is stronger, lighter and smaller than conventional swing check valve. The valve provides two spring compressed on plates and housed on a vertical hinge pin. When the flow decrease, the plates closed rapidly by torsion spring action without requiring reverse flow. The dual plate check valve uses a special unique design spring for significant improvement in valve response. Each valve has its own two springs or no. of springs which provide independent closing action. This design overcomes the problems of either dual plates where both plates are closed by opposite legs of a single spring and where disparate forces acting on each plate cause the plates to close unevenly. v  PARENT / BASIC MATERIALS    :  CAST IRON, S.G. IRON, CAST STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL, M.S. FABRICATEDv  TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION   :  FLANGE TYPE / WAFER TYPEv  MANUFACTURING STANDARD  :   API-594, API-6D & API-598 (TESTING)v  GENERAL FLUID APPLICATION  :  CLEAR WATER, GAS, AIR, OIL, CHEMICAL ETC.v  END FLANGE STANDARD  :  IS: 1538, IS: 6392, BS: 10, ANSI B 16.1, ANSI B 16.5, BS: 4504, AWWA C 207 OR ANY OTHER STANDARDv  TYPE OF DSC / FLAP  :   DOUBLE DOOR SOLID FLAT FLAP WITH INTEGRAL  HINGEv  MANUFACTURING RANGE  :   NB 50 MM TO 2000 MMv  RATING  :  PN-2, PN-16, PN-10 & CLASS-150, CLASS-300