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Sluice Gate
Sluice Gate
SLUICE GATES FOR OPEN CHANNEL FLOW CONTROLOne singular property of channel mounted gates is the level of water/waste water is always less than the door height/height of the channel. Also, as far as practicable, the bottom opening of the gate is flush with the invert, save probably for the width of the metal seat if the entire gate has metal to metal seating. Seating is only on the two vertical sides and the bottom. And here is a yoke/bridge which binds the entire frame together imparting rigidity. The operating mechanism comprising of a threaded nut for the rising spindle, a ball thrust bearing arrangement (optional) gearbox if required, is mounted on top of the yoke/bridge.Available in 3 basic construction material. v   Cast Iron Split Frame (IS: 210 Fg. 200 / 260)v   Fabricated Mild Steel (IS: 2062)v   Fabricated Stainless Steel (AISI 304 / 316) Essential Featuresv Wedging action (2 sides) in C.I. / M.S. and Stainless Steel Gates.v While sealing on all 3 sides is metal to Metal – Bronze / Brass for C.I. Gates and Stainless Steel for Fabricated M.S. Or Stainless Steel Gates. This option is available for M.S. and Stainless Steel Gates also.v Sides of guide/frame are embedded in concrete or side walls of the channel.v When required, remote operation using a coupling, extension rod and operating gear atop a headstock, is possible.v Electric or Pneumatic operation is possible.v suitable for seating as well as off seating application.