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Foot Valve
Foot Valve
FOOT VALVE is a device which allow to come the flow in one direction. This type of valves are generally placed at the lower end of suction pipe of pump to prevent the suction pipe from empting while the pump is stop. Consequently when the pump is first started it dose not have to exhaust the air from the suction pipe as a result that prompt starting of the pump is secured.v  PARENT / BASIC MATERIALS  :  CAST IRON, S.G. IRON, CAST STEEL, STAINLESS STEELv  TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION   :  FLANGE END / SCREWED END, LIFT / SWING TYPE DISC FOOT CHECK VALVE WITH C.I. / M.S. STRAINERv  MANUFACTURING STANDARD  :   IS: 4038, IS: 10805v  GENERAL FLUID APPLICATION  :  CLEAR WATER, GAS, AIR, OIL, CHEMICAL ETC.v  END FLANGE STANDARD  :  IS: 1538, IS: 6392, BS: 10, ANSI B 16.1, ANSI B 16.5, BS: 4504, AWWA C 207 OR ANY OTHER STANDARDv  TYPE OF DSC  :   SINGLE DISC SWING AND LIFT, DOUBLE DISC SWING AND LIFTv  MANUFACTURING RANGE  :   NB 25 MM TO 450 MMv  RATING  :  PN-2, PN-16 & PN-10v  STRAINING AREA  :   AT LEAST EQUAL TO 2.5 TIMES OF THE NOMINAL BORE AREA