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1372847833img1 Advance Valves has manufactured valves for the diverse needs of the Chemical Industry in a variety of materials and pressure classes. Targeting areas such as stem leakage, seat leakage, performance and endurance, we have developed a line of valves to meet the varying client needs; our quality control program requires that every valve has a seat leakage test, a hydrostatic test, and a torque test performed, before it leaves the factory. This assures that our customers receive valves which will operate as per their desired specifications.

Advance supplies the chemicals industry with valves for polymers such as polyethylene, k-resins, vinyl chloride, monomer, catalysts, crystals, and many other applications. Valves in sophisticated materials such as Titanium, Monel, and Hastelloy are supplied for corrosive acids, aromatic anhydride, sulphuric acid, ethylene dichloride, and others.
It also important to note that one of the most serious technical demands currently facing the valve manufacturing industry is controlling fugitive emission, particularly from stem seals. Advance Valves offer Zero Fugitive Emission Valves for such services.

Our prestigious clients include Dow Chemicals, Mitsubishi Chemicals, National Fertilizers Limited,  GNFC, Ingersoll Rand, Praxair, JK Pharma, NOCIL, Tata Fertilizers, IFFCO, Naptha Crackers, HINDALCO, Torrent, Gujarat Bio-Tech,, GSFC, Oswal Fertilizers,CFCL, TCI Sanmar Chemicals and many more.