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Wafer Type Butterfly Valve



“BUTTERFLY VALVE” is a hydro-mechanical device to isolate/control the flow medium in both directions & also typically used to regulate a fluid. In a robust construction of double flanged body one Stainless steel seat ring is fitted in the flow path. A robust circular disc is positioned in the centre of the body. The disc is mounted on two hub stub shaft which is swing through both end body housing. A resilient/stainless steel seat ring moves inside the disc & one disc seat retainer is placed to retain it. A Gear/hand lever operated drive shaft. At the time of sealing action the contracting seating surface effect the sealing and ensuring leak proof sealing. In full open position it facilitate low interrupted reduce bore flow path resulting minor / low headloss.

v  Manufacturing Standard  :  IS: 13095, BS: 5155, BS: 3952, API: 609, AWWA C 504, DIN: 3354
v  Basic Materials: Cast Iron, S.G. Iron, Mild Steel Fabricated, Cast Steel
v  Type of Construction on shaft: Double eccentric, Concentric
v  Construction of blade design: Flats lab blade, Spherical blade, Conical blade, Lattice blade seal
v  Construction of Discseal: Flat round nose, “L” round nose, “I” round nose, Self energising seal, Musical note seal, House seal, “V”       nose T shape seal, Metal to metal deposited seal, Metal to Metal flexible seat seal, Double seal.
v  Construction of Body: Double flanged short, Double flanged long, Wafer short, Wafer medium, Wafer long, 
v  Construction of End Connection: Double Flanged, Wafer, Lugged Screw, Lugged through bolt 
v  Type of Seat: Metal to rubber resilient seat, Slim seal Resilient seat
v  Type of Operation: Manual hand lever, Single stage Worm Gear Box, Double Stage Worm & Spur Gear Box, Triple stage Worm, Electric actuator, Pneumatic actuator, Pneumatic double acting, cylinder (push-pull), Hydraulic actuator/cylinder
v  End Flange Standard  :  IS: 1538, IS: 6392, BS: 10, ANSI B 16.1, DIN Std., ANSI B 16.5, BS: 4504, AWWA C 207 or any other standard
v  Manufacturing Range: 50 mm to 2600 mm
v  Rating  :  PN-0.4, PN-1.0 & PN-1.6
v  General fluid application: Clear water, Gas, Air, Oil, Chemical etc.

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Dismantling Joints
Description: These types of Joints are used for easy dismantling of the equipment fitted in the pipeline. They are used before Butterfly Valves, Pumps, and other different valves etc. As per pressure rating, the thickness can be varied as per customer requirement.v  PARENT/BSIC MATERIAL  :   CAST IRON, S.G. IRON, CAST  STEEL, MIELD STEELv  MANUFACTURING STANDARD  :   AS PER OUR DRAWING OR CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTv  GENERAL FLUID APPLICATION  :   CLEAR WATER, RAW WATER, SEWERAGE WATER, OIL ETC.v  END FLANGE STANDARD  :   IS: 1538, IS: 6392, BS: 10, ANSI B16.1, ANIS B 16.5, BS: 4504, AWWA C 207v  MANUFACTURING RANGE OF SIZE:  NB 50 MM TO 3000 MM DIA (HIGHER SIZES ON REQUEST)v  RATING  :   PN-1.0 / PN-1.6 / PN-2.5
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